About Association Lebutte & Partners

Association Lebutte & Partners was launched in 2001. It is located in Brussels near the Palais de Justice and the TGV – Thalys – Eurostar terminal.

Currently, we have five partners.

The structure and size of the Association give our clients (companies, individuals or public entities) the advantage of direct, personal contact with the lawyer in charge of their dossier.

The Association works in most branches of law thanks to the broad range of competence of its partners and staff.

It has developed close ties with other legal firms, inside and outside Belgium, so it is in a position to handle dossiers in both national and international law.

Our first objective is to meet our clients’ concerns by seeking together the solution best suited to their interests.

For every problem submitted to us, we start with an initial analysis intended to prevent conflict or to find the most suitable means for solving it according to the case.

We will explore every means of settlement (negotiation, conciliation, mediation, expertise, etc.) before launching judicial or arbitration proceedings.

Our work is also founded on strict compliance with our code of ethics and particularly with the recommendations of the French-speaking Bar of Brussels as concerns fees and expenses, which will be fully explained when the dossier is opened.

The languages habitually used within the Association are French, Dutch and English.

Fields of competence



Soumia Bsilat

Soumia Bsilat

Labor law

Family law and Youth law

Criminal law

Magdalena Tyminska

Magdalena Tyminska

Family law

Real estate law

Traffic law

Co-workers & correspondents

The Association has created a network of close ties with many colleagues inside and outside Belgium.

The Association has developed a co-working partnership with many lawyers, including Ms Lucile Baumerder, Ms Caroline Perrier but also Ms Christiane Colinet, a member of the Bars of Brussels and Florence.

Studio Legale Associato Prof. Avv. Franco Di Sabato acts as our correspondent firm in Rome and in Naples.

For every demand for co-working, please contact attorney Michel Lebutte: m.lebutte@lebuttepartners.be


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